Long have Subsonic users awaited the day the do-it-yourself music streaming platform would finally incorporate an equalizer in its Android app. Today is that day. Subsonic has been updated to version 3.0, and there's a slew of changes. For one, there's a brand-new widget. There's also a basic music visualization option, and the notification on the pull-down menu now shows album art. Take a look at some of the new features, below:

snap20110714_133832 snap20110714_133836 snap20110714_133847

Subsonic, if you aren't familiar with it, is a music streaming platform that utilizes your home computer and personal music collection to provide a cloud-esque experience. That is to say, it's 100% your bandwidth being used, there's no unnecessary middleman transcoding the files (ahem, AudioGalaxy), and you can customize the experience from the server side to almost no end.

And if you are familiar with the app, there's one more change you'll probably like - the atrocious header font from 2 previous updates has been changed to something that's actually legible (and doesn't break when albums and song titles are too long). Hooray!

Subsonic really is a great app - if you can stomach the setup, and the price ($15 donation is required via PayPal to use the Android app after 30 days).

So, go get that update on the Market.

Subsonic Music Streamer
Subsonic Music Streamer
Developer: Sindre Mehus
Price: Free