It's a well-known fact that Android enthusiasts love benchmarks. When new devices hit our hands, what is one of the first things we do? Run benchmarks. It's how we compare devices to one another, and what we use to develop the standards on which future devices will be set. At this point, we use a set of benchmarking tools that have become clutch throughout the community: Quadrant, Linpack, SmartBench, etc.

Now, Qualcomm is getting into the benchmarking game with a new web benchmark called Vellamo that aims to judge device performance in areas that really matter: rendering, javascript, networking, and user experience. As a whole, Vellamo performs eleven different tests across the aforementioned categories, and it uses multiple tools within each test. Qualcomm's Sy Choudhury does a better job of covering the different benches performed than I do, so check out this video to get a better understanding:

Pretty sweet, right? We've taken the liberty of giving Vellamo a test run and grabbed some screenshots in the process. Have a look:

wm_snap20110714_113725 wm_snap20110714_113753 wm_snap20110714_113819

wm_snap20110714_113819 wm_snap20110714_113841 wm_snap20110714_113901

Vellamo is available for free in the Android Market and works on both phones and tablets.

The app was not found in the store. :-(