The Facebook application for Android received a nice little update today, making the earlier 1.6 update feel a bit more complete. In addition to streamlining the new, prettier newsfeed UI (screenshot #1), v1.6.1 brings these to the table:

  • Comment likes, as promised by the 1.6 beta but never delivered until now (screenshot #2).
  • Proper page support, with 2 listings - pages you've created and pages you like (screenshot #3).
    I'll give you a minute to find how to get there. Alright, 5 minutes. Still can't find it? In the most confusing move imaginable, the new Pages section can be found under Friends > Pages tab. Seriously?
  • Commenting as page admin on pages you actually admin (screenshot #4). To do that, go to a page you've created and comment using the "What's on your mind?" box.
  • You can now tag pages in addition to friends by using the @ symbol in a status update (screenshot #5)
  • various bug fixes

snap20110713_204918 snap20110713_204901 snap20110714_012119 snap20110714_012057 snap20110714_013611

As usual, grab the latest version of the Facebook app in the Market or use the widget below:

Developer: Facebook
Price: Free+