The new Android Market, announced mere hours ago, has started rolling out to a small set of users who, of course, immediately shared it with the rest of the world for everyone to enjoy (or hate, depending on your reaction to the design).

The process is very simple (no root needed):

  1. Download from our mirror (no intermediate pages - direct link here) to your phone. If that doesn't work for some reason, here's a second mirror.
  2. Browse to it in your favorite file manager, such as ASTRO
  3. Click the file, then select Open App Manager
  4. Select Update
  5. You now have new new Market v 3.0.27

I personally kind of like the new UI, though the hover bar is really annoying and severely limits the real estate. Hasn't Google learned anything last time?

Movies and Books seem to be present, although I haven't tested them yet (if you remember, Google blocked movies on rooted devices, so I'm curious if it'll work now). Update: I just confirmed - movies cannot be played on rooted devices, just as before.

One other thing worth pointing out is you can now switch between multiple Market accounts, which I don't think you could do before - just click Menu > Accounts (see screenshot #4 below).

wm_snap20110712_161947 wm_snap20110712_162149 wm_snap20110712_162201

wm_snap20110712_162214 wm_snap20110712_162223 wm_snap20110712_162246

wm_snap20110712_162406 wm_snap20110712_162558 wm_snap20110712_162638