Last week we heard a rumor that Android 3.2 could be rolling out to the Motorola XOOM "within days," and it looks like that claim may have been realized starting today. According to Droid-Life, the update is rolling out in small batches at the moment and, along with the nifty new zoom feature, brings the long-awaited support for SD Cards. Other than that, it appears that this is more of a maintenance update, as the other features of 3.2 don't really apply to the XOOM.

xoom-3.2-update1 xoom-3.2-update2

In similar news, Google released the GPL portions of the Android 3.2 source code today. While there's probably nothing of groundbreaking importance to the dev community in this code, it's worth noting that it's available if you want to grab it and take a look. Like previous versions of the Honeycomb source, this isn't the entire code - we'll have to wait for Ice Cream Sandwich to see that.

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