While we reported earlier today that Motorola Xooms would be receiving Android 3.2 "in small batches," the update is available now for those of you who have the wifi-only model. The update brings long-awaited features like app zooming and support for SD cards.

Users from the XDA forums have found a way to get that update without having to rely on carrier distribution, which is detailed below. It involves the Xoom Wifi Android 3.2 update, flashing ClockworkMod Recovery for the Motorola Xoom, configuring the Android SDK for your computer, and having adb functioning properly.


Obviously this is not a basic operation: it's a good idea to have an idea of what you're doing beforehand. Please, inform yourself to the procedure, so you don't end up with a nice shiny brick of a tablet.

This workaround is only available on Motorola Xoom which are wifi only, and are running stock 3.1 (both kernal and rom). As usual, Android Police doesn't take any responsibility for bricked devices. Flash at your own risk. Also, XDA warns that this has only been tested on US devices. International users should be careful.
(From XDA user stachre)
  1. Prepare the Android 3.2 Update file
    The update file as-provided is not ready for use in ClockworkMod Recovery. This fixes it. I will later provide a prepared update.zip file, so for now, you have to get your hands dirty.

    1. Rename the Android 3.2 Update file to update.zip
    2. Open the zip file in an archive program for editing
    3. Navigate to the following directory: META-INF/com/google/android
    4. Delete the following file: updater-script
    5. Copy the updater-script file from the ZIP file attached to this post to META-INF/com/google/android
  2. Perform update

    adb reboot recovery

    Note that in recovery, you use the hardware volume buttons to navigate up and down, and the power button to select.

    1. In ClockworkMod Recovery, select "mounts and storage"
    2. Ensure your Xoom is connected to your PC via USB, then select "mount USB storage"
    3. On your PC, copy update.zip to the root of the Xoom's SDCard ("Removable Disk" in Windows)
    4. In ClockworkModRecovery (still on the "USB Mass Storage device" screen) select "Unmount"
    5. In the "Mounts and Storage Menu" screen, if the option "unmount /sdcard" is present, continue to the next step; if "mount /sdcard" is present, select it then continue
    6. Select "+++++Go Back+++++"
    7. Select "apply update from sdcard"
    8. Select "Yes - Install /sdcard/update.zip"
      "Install from sdcard complete." will indicate that the update is completed.
    9. Select "reboot system now"
  3. Enjoy your rooted Xoom WiFi, running on Android 3.2!