We cover a variety of apps here at Android Police: productivity, games, root, and even wtf every once in a while - but this one is a bit different. This one is for the children, and it's so well done that we couldn't resist throwing it out there for all of the parents.

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The Tale Of Peter Rabbit is an interactive pop-out book that does more than just read to you. It creates an absolutely gorgeous environment inside its digital pages, with little additions here and there that really bring the entire experience together - like being able to drag items out of the images, pull them to the foreground, and move them around. It also offers digital actions that recreate the single-most-loved thing about pop-out books: controlling the characters and environments. Just like a real pop-out, you can use tabs and wheels to interact with the story being told.

Enough of my chatter, though, watch this video and see it in action.

The book will only set you back a mere $2.07 in the Android Market, so go grab it for your kiddos.