Apple's at it again, this time back on its "We own the words 'App Store'" reign of terror. While a judge denied Apple's request to bar Amazon from using "Appstore" in a preliminary injunction before the issue is decided at trial, that isn't stopping the world's most infamously litigious tech giant from going after everyone and their brother using the words.

And until the Amazon trial is settled or decided (it's on the docket - for October 2012), Apple is free to go about threatening and pursuing more legal action, even though its trademark on the words "App Store" remains actively contested (by Microsoft) in its bid for certification at the USPTO.

GetJar, a popular 3rd party app store (gasp), received a cease and desist letter from Apple this week, and has decided it's not going to concede to Apple's demands. This is, in part, due to a longstanding philosophical beef that GetJar has with Apple's closed app ecosystem, and it seems this was as good a time as any to take a stand against what GetJar calls Apple's "bullying." It's good to see someone take a stand, but really, the big chips are being played on different tables - namely, the Amazon v. Apple case, and Microsoft's filing with the USPTO contesting Apple's trademark.

You can check out GetJar's feelings on all this on the company's developer blog, here.

GetJar Developer Blog