Second only to Google Voice Search in terms of popularity on Android, Vlingo received a major update today. What's new? The entire UI has been streamlined into a much more intuitive list format that makes learning Vlingo's various voice command capabilities, or quickly accessing them, a breeze.

You can send text messages, make phone calls, find places, open apps, get directions, buy movie tickets, and more. Vlingo also includes a handy InCar mode, which you can set to activate automatically whenever your phone connects to a Bluetooth headset.

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More important than the spiffy new look, though, is the added support for more languages. Vlingo can now accept voice commands in 8 different languages, including: French, Spanish, Italian, German, Mandarin, Korean (beta), Japanese (beta), and of course, English.

The Vlingo team has also improved local search and messaging capabilities, two of Google Voice Search's big strengths. And, of course, Vlingo remains free. There's a pile of features that I haven't even talked about here, so do yourself a favor and check it out. You can get it on the Market now.

via Android HDBlog

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