Do you have Comcast XFINITY cable? If not, this app may have you considering a switch of providers. The Comcast XFINITY TV app has been around for a while, but a lack of Gingerbread and Honeycomb compatibility has left many users frustrated - and drooling. Why? Because this app is awesome. Take a look at these Honeycomb screenshots taken from a XOOM:



Sorry to take up a big piece of your screen real estate, but those images need to be seen full-size to really appreciate the layout. So, if you're not familiar with XFINITY TV, it's basically a near-total remote and DVR interface replacement that runs on your Android device. And with tablet support, it's now more effective at this role than ever before. Seriously, if you're considering a Honeycomb tablet purchase and you have XFINITY cable, this app alone should be reason to buy one.

However, Honeycomb support isn't 100% universal - the developers can only certify XOOM compatibility, but we've been playing with this app for a while and can say it works perfectly on the Galaxy Tab 10.1. Comcast says the app should work on all tablets with the standard WXGA resolution (1280x800), they're just not officially supported yet.

What can you do with XFINITY TV? Set recording schedules. Browse channel listings. Check out the On Demand library and tune to a selected program on your TV immediately. XFINITY TV's listing browse feature has robust search and filtering - allowing you to filter content by genre, network, HD or SD, and, for On Demand, by free versus paid.

Now, you can't control your volume or turn your TV on and off (you need IR functionality for that), but you can pretty much do anything else your satellite remote can and more. You do need a supported set top box, though, so check the list here.

XFINITY TV is available on the Market now, free of charge.

Developer: Comcast
Price: Free