If you've been following Android Police, you've probably seen the Android programming book giveaway series that we're doing together with O'Reilly Media (#1, #2, #3). It's time to announce the winners of the 3rd giveaway, selected by the joint AP/O'Reilly panel, who will receive a brand new copy of Developing Android Applications with Flex 4.5.

Again, the question was:

Tell everyone why they should use Flex for developing Android apps as opposed to the conventional approach.

Here are the winners and their comments:


I don't expect to win but I'm new to mobile development and would like to make Android the first platform that I develop for. Flex would be a great starting point.

Brian Bockelman:

I want this book so I can learn to code.
My face staring at the keyboard will be my mode.
What's with the hype of Flex 4.5?
Give it to me, make me feel alive!
I'll be coding all day I won't have time to shower.
Download my apps and feel the power!
I may start to smell and my head full o grease.
But at least I'm a fan of Android Police!


Flex provides the ability to create some stinking powerful applications with an amazing look and feel.

You can take your RIA that you already have OR create an new one or create games, business apps, utilities etc.

The Flex platform is solid in terms of development and mature in the world of design, it's a win win for everyone (Developer and User)

I'm a flash developer and would love to learn more via this book about how to code for Android with Flex!

Congratulations, guys - all of you will be contacted by O'Reilly for your information and shipped a brand new copy of Developing Android Applications with Flex 4.5.

Everyone else - keep participating to win more great Android development books! In fact, round 4 is already up (this time with informIT instead of O'Reilly).