With an update for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 just around the corner, a new video is now present on Samsung's YouTube channel that highlights all of the features of the Tab 10.1, including a pretty thorough look at Touchwiz UX and Samsung Hubs. Among the highlights and features is one rather noticeable blunder as well, so make sure to pay close attention around 5:42...


Did you catch that? I'm not entirely sure what "indivisual speakers" are, but they must be pretty awesome to end up in the spotlight like that! I kid, I kid.

All joking aside, I still stand by what I said yesterday: Touchwiz UX looks pretty damn good. I can clearly see how this will add an entirely new dimension to how I use my Tab 10.1, so I'm looking forward to getting the update.

There's no official word on when we can expect this update to hit, but I image it will be within the coming days.