The title pretty much says it all, but I'll explain this quick tip in a bit more detail. All too often I want to jump into the Market on my phone and search for an app I already have in mind. However, before the search box even appears, I am forced to wait for the featured app screen to finish loading, which on slow connections can take ages.

So, rather than wait for it, just jump straight into action by pressing the hardware Search button. No more waiting, and precious time is saved. Little by little, this habit can turn minutes into days of saved time, folks (if you search the Market as often as I do)!

Do this and get to the Market search in 0 seconds:

snap20110705_194447 image snap20110705_194501

Do this and be at the mercy of your data provider:

snap20110705_194447 snap20110705_194431 snap20110705_194501

P.S. It goes without saying that pressing Menu and then Search would accomplish the same thing, albeit requiring one more click.