Yesterday, Skype with video was officially released to the Android Market. There was one problem, though: it was only supported on a small number of seemingly random handsets, like the Nexus S (but not the Nexus S 4G), Desire S, Xperia neo, and Xperia pro. Thanks to the ingenuity of skilled Android modder 0mie, that's no longer the case.


With 0mie's modded version of Skype 2, video chat should be fully working on a number of recent phones, including the Thunderbolt (running Gingerbread), Sensation, EVO 3D, Galaxy S II, and Droid Charge. In theory, this should work on any phone running Gingerbread (as long as it has a front facing camera, of course), so if you test it out on any phone that we haven't already mentioned, drop us a line in the comments with the results.

You can grab the download from our mirror, here.