We just stumbled across a new game by Google to promote the Nexus S called Nexus Contraptions - on YouTube of all places. In this game, it's your job to navigate bouncing balls of Google Apps around various obstacles and into a funnel that ultimately leads into a Nexus S.

2011-07-01 14h45_10

Hmmm, I wonder what you win if you get the fastest time?

I'll admit, I only played around with it for a few minutes, so I didn't get very far - but I can already tell that the levels actually get quite difficult and require some planning to successfully complete! Take a look at this screenshot from one of the earlier levels of the game:

2011-07-01 14h44_23

As you may be able to tell, you control the yellow robot arm (it's stationary) and you have to use the various provided "tools" to bounce the ball around the room and land it in the red funnel in the lower right corner. I can already see myself wasting insane amounts of time playing this. It's still quite amazing to me how Google can create products that both increase and hinder my productivity simultaneously!

If you want to give a go yourself, head over to the Nexus Contraptions YouTube channel and check it out.