I'm not sure how well this 4G-ified Tab 10.1 is going to do in terms of sales, but it's coming nonetheless. And in four flavors! And by that, I mean there's two storage options (16GB or 32GB) and two color options (grey or white):


These prices are, of course, subsidized with a new 2-year data contract. How subsidized? Try $100 off (yes, that's all). Sounds like Verizon is super confident about this thing, too. I think we can all agree, until carriers actually start giving these mobile data-enabled tablets meaningful contract discounts (or better data plans), there's next to no incentive for consumers to purchase them.

Verizon's data agreements are the same ones we've seen before, and they're depressingly overpriced for a 4G media consumption device. Plans start at $20 a month for 1GB - meaning you'll be locked in for $240 of payments at the bare minimum when you purchase a 4G Tab 10.1 on contract. For a 3G-only device, I can understand these pricing points - but a Tab 10.1 with an LTE connection could suck down a gigabyte in a matter of a few short hours with enough Google Music or Movies streaming.

So, if you want a 4G Tab 10.1, off-contract is almost certainly the way to go. Better to cough up that $100 now than spend significantly more down the line in unused mobile data or on an ETF - because honestly, do you really think you'll still be using (or want to use) that Tab 10.1 when 2013 rolls around?

Verizon via AndroidCentral