LauncherPro developer Fredrico Carnales made headlines a couple of months ago by announcing that, on top of maintaining his popular homescreen replacement, he was going to tackle development on a music app. That app, now named UberMusic, has made it out to the public in the form of a downloadable beta.

screen_20110628_1530_1 screen_20110628_1531 screen_20110628_1530

And damn, does this app look good. It downloads artist/album data in the background, allowing the menu wallpapers to be spiced up with some truly awesome art. These images are artist-specific and add a little bit of flair to what could've been a very boring app.

UberMusic also comes with a homescreen widget, and functions a lot like the stock player; however, there's some deeper options - like Last.FM scrobbling and headphone controls - that cause it to stand out from the pack.

screen_20110628_1532 screen_20110628_1530_3 screen_20110628_1530_2

UberMusic is a free download; you can visit the link below to grab the APK, and check out the change log.

Download Link - UberMusic's Changelong