EVO 3D owners across the US have been patiently waiting a whole 3 days (I know, it's an eternity) for HTC to make good on its promise to unlock the phone's bootloader. HTC has now issued a statement on the matter in response to a wall post on its Facebook page, which is overrun with complaints from EVO 3D owners (or people who just like to whine) criticizing what they perceive to be the slowness of the company's efforts to issue a bootloader unlock solution.


While HTC never made promises about a time frame, there's still no shortage of angry EVO 3D customers to be found on the company's Facebook wall. If we're honest, this seems a little ungracious to us. So, simmer down, guys - something tells us HTC isn't going to renege on the word of its CEO.

HTC Facebook via GoodandEVO