Update: It turns out that this may not be as encompassing as we originally thought. According to Reddit member apantek, only a very limited amount of bloatware can be removed, leaving the bulk of it untouchable (this has been confirmed by our own Jaroslav Stekl). The unremovable files include:

  • Facebook for HTC Sense
  • Flickr
  • Footprints
  • HTC Hub
  • Peep
  • Picasa web albums
  • Polaris Office
  • Ringtone Trimmer
  • Spider-Man
  • Sprint Zone
  • The Green Hornet 3D
  • TrimIt

So, while Sprint may be making steps in the right direction, it's not completely there yet.

---Original post:

One of the biggest pet peeves that most users have with their Android phone is the insane amounts of crap that carriers put on the device. The worst part is that, normally, there is no way to remove said crapware without rooting, which in turn, voids the warrantee. That's a lot of trouble to go through just to get rid of a few apps, but HTC and/or Sprint have addressed this quandary in the new EVO 3D - you can uninstall the bloat just like you would any other app (with the exception of the Sprint Zone).

All you need to do is head into Settings > Applications > Manage Applications and find the app you want to remove. Tap it, hit uninstall, and... that's it. You're done. The app is gone forever, and you can enjoy your device bloatware free.

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