Last week, HTC dropped the bomb: "due to memory constraints," Gingerbread would not be coming to the Desire. Then, less than 24 hours later, it flipped the script and said that Gingerbread will hit the Desire, minus a few apps. It appears that Australian carrier Telstra doesn't want to deal with the flip-flop, according to a statement on the software updates page of its site:

Due to the increased memory requirements of the ‘Gingerbread’ update, new software that does not include HTC’s Sense UI is being prepared.

Pretty bold, right? Now, I don't want to rain on anyone's parade, but I'm slightly skeptical of this statement. I could be wrong (wouldn't be the first time), but I just don't see HTC releasing an update that lacks the custom interface that makes its devices... unique. Here's what I think happened: Telstra misinterpreted what HTC said. HTC's most recent statement said that "To resolve Desire's memory issue and enable the upgrade to Gingerbread, we will cut select apps from the release" - that is a pretty vague statement, so it's possible that Telstra jumped the gun and assumed that Sense falls into the "select apps" category.

Of course, that is all just speculation. For all we know, Telstra could have the inside track and I could be completely wrong. There's only one way to find out: wait and see.