The recent unlocking of the HTC Incredible S' bootloader made possible some astonishing feats, not the least of which is the possibility for custom ROMs. Cyanogen and his team have already gotten to work on that last part, and the fruits of their labor are nothing to scoff at: a nightly build of CyanogenMod 7 is now available for the Incredible S.

Now, we should warn you that as this is a nightly build (a.k.a. a bleeding-edge release updated on a daily basis and posted for you to re-download every night) - and the first version available at that - bugs are to be expected. Ergo, if stability is what you need most, you should probably hold off for at least a few more days.

If, however, you're sick and tired of Sense's bloated, overly busy nature, CyanogenMod is right up your alley. The ROM brings numerous improvements (see: 13 Ways CyanogenMod 7 Makes My Android Phone Feel Future-Proof [Deep Review]), and let's face it - the occasional force close probably won't be that much more annoying than Sense UI's excessive, in-your-face animations.

So, if you're ready to flash, first make sure your phone is rooted, then download the full 87MB file from the CyanogenMod servers and grab the Google Apps ZIP. Feel free to let us know how it goes in the comments!

Source: CyanogenMod