Last week, we dropped our first CyanogenMod 7 Theme Roundup, and since then, we've gotten several great theme suggestions, as well as a bundle of requests to do another roundup - so here we are! This edition of the roundup brings some really nice offerings from the theming community. Everything from mellow colors with tones of blue and grey, to multiple colors that really stand out, there should be something for everyone. Without further ado, let's get started!

MattedBlues by Team MattedBlues

After last week's roundup went live, we immediately began receiving requests to feature this theme. After taking a look at it, I can see why - this theme is amazing. It's sleek and clean, offering a very mellow and relaxing vibe. This theme is available exclusively from the Android Market, and it will set you back $2.99. Hit the links below to buy and grab the additional goodies, including wallpapers.

ss-0-1-d3f0ba42ddb61bb2184fc420bc451856416554da ss-1-1-82de423e90373048044be5b0e0b32c06c4451823 ss-4-0-621ba79dbc371ff74ab23ea84abfb44a0e6b47b8

The clock widget is the Super Clock from Beautiful Widgets.

[Market Link, Goodies]

Chroma by Prash

We got word of this theme by way of Twitter, and were immediately taken by its incredible use of color. Personally, I don't normally fancy "loud" themes such as this - but Chroma is so well done. Red is one of the hardest colors to incorporate into a theme while retaining readability, but Prash has masterfully executed the task. I highly recommend the donate version of this theme, as it will continuously receive updates that the free version will not.

ss-0-0-9b989f3e43951e6f4dc960e57dd30e6c8abcea8b  ss-1-0-0784c3905cb3163c395b48c13fd4bf92016492a5 ss-2-0-aa0e49a1aa6261bf54455f0f6334ffd493e62080

[Market Links: Free, Donate; Goodies]

Rover Mix by rover.price

This one slightly reminds me of Sculpted from the previous roundup, mostly due to the circular battery and connectivity icons. The similarities really end there, though, as Rover has a bit more of a Sense-like vibe to it. It's available in three colors: green, blue, and cyan, so pick your favorite (or favorites), and hit the link below for download.

5k25wo 18n210 riuo92

[Source (includes additional lockscreen and wallpapers)]

CyanbreadX by rori

CyanbreadX builds off of the Cyanbread theme that is already included in CyanogenMod and themes basically everything possible. It's extremely thorough, and even includes an easy way to grab themed extras, like lockscreen and wallpaper.

ss-2-2-d4b7ddf8d094ca5e86d62486bb1ee770b5b369bb ss-1-2-8eb3ffcd24058c2031b72dd964ba18f350484fa4 ss-6-2-f4336ae44e185cd01c0fd6138675f16f4f94ff57

[Market Link]

Gingerbread Recolored by Upward Spiral

This one is more of a collection of themes in all different colors. It's based off of stock Gingerbread, so if you love the stock look but want a different color palate, look no further. Each one of these themes includes a matching set of wallpapers with it, but you'll need to install Theme Chooser Wallpapers from the Android Market in order to use them.

Blue Bionic

ss-0-2-f7added55ff4f0b0370e65f08305bd3d0973238f ss-2-2-134c8df4af6ee7eb3ba7c55aeed46bd3348f7db7 ss-6-2-21e7a8f0ce9de4a434b7ee6a538dd7e24311403a

[Market Links: Free, Donate]

Galaxy Green

G1 G7 G2

[Market Links: Free, Donate]

Minimal Magic

ss-0-2-612f61e22d84a82d69fd01fed3d6d2cf6b5bbebb ss-3-1-e6bae9108559286e57dc4aed72a30b700e61947e ss-7-1-9334d4580f5300f615be2937ef8427d2c9d53faa

[Market Links: Free, Donate]

Orange Octane

ss-0-1-b4c6664fe63e3c650079f1ce8871265c49d80688 ss-3-1-c7e527a5fe11076790b20721a75c773cc80966e2 O5

[Market Links: Free, Donate]

Punk Pink

Pi1 Pi4 Pi3

[Market Links: Free, Donate]

Purple Punch

Pu1 Pu2 Pu5

[Market Links: Free, Donate]

Red Remix

ss-0-1-a002d149f5cb301a97dbff85e540384f48a17301 ss-3-1-b2652d1897b2fc69ff77343a7ffa58dd4aff0f23 R4

[Market Links: Free, Donate]


So there you have it - another week, another round of incredible themes highlighting the talent in the Android community. As always, if you have a theme suggestion, make sure to let us know!