According to the Motorola Europe Facebook page, the Android 3.1 update has started rolling out to the European variant of the XOOM. This update brings a several new features and improvements, including one feature that the US XOOM didn't get: SD card slot activation. This is, of course, due to the fact that the US XOOM is considered a "pure Google experience" device, so it's up to Google to push updates in the States - not Motorola.

Once this update hits your device, you'll also get the other assorted goodies that come along with Android 3.1: resizable widgets, USB host support, as well as improved performance and stability.

2011-06-22 10h22_31

If you're holding an EU XOOM, then you can expect the update to hit your device sometime in the "next several weeks," so make sure to drop us a line when you get it.

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