If you've been following Android Police, you've probably seen the Android programming book giveaway series that we're doing together with O'Reilly Media (#1, #2). It's time to announce the winners of the 2nd giveaway, selected by the joint AP/O'Reilly panel, who will receive a brand new copy of Hello, Android (3rd edition).

Again, the question was:

What attracts you to development for Android instead of all the other platforms out there (iOS, WP7, etc)?

Here are the winners and their comments:


Even if I don’t win I thank you for pointing me in the right direction to get started. I am a programming student and ever since I got my first Android device I have seen how awesome this community is. I want to develop for Android over other devices because I want to be part of such a great community and offer my talents to this collective as well. I just want to keep pushing for this to go on and maybe help make this community even better with something awesome I have cooked up to share.


Android has the greatest share of “power users” and other users that are willing to think and act outside the box. Learning to dev will allow me to contribute back to the community that helped me break out of my “tech bubble” and start using the full resources available to me.

I would likely focus more on dev-ing for the rooted user as trying to create apps that push the bubble in any way is near impossible for people stuck behind a manufacturer’s shell.


Quite simply, I want to be an Android Dev because it’s the ultimate in customisation. If I want to make my own look-and-feel, I can. If I want to build on existing projects and mods, I can. If I want to make projects look similar to existing ones, I can. If I want root access, I can get it with a large number of the phones out there (including my own)! If I want it an app for one hardware platform or a thousand, I need only right it once (usually). Even, ultimately, if I want to make my own ROM – I can! An open platform dev is a happy dev. Long live the little green robot!

Congratulations, guys - all of you will be contacted by O'Reilly for your information and shipped a brand new copy of Hello, Android.

Everyone else - keep participating to win more great Android development books! In fact, round 3 is already up.