We first told you back in March that Sony would be bringing Gingerbread to non-carrier-branded Xperia X10 units, with a late Q2/early Q3 arrival. With the end of Q2 quickly approaching, Sony posted a new entry on its Product Blog this morning stating that "the current plan is [to] start the roll-out [at] the beginning of August," which hits the early Q3 target date right on the head.

This update will include the same camera app that is found in the Éclair version (this has apparently been a pretty big issue amongst X10 owners), as well as a lot of features found on the newer Xperia phones - like Facebook inside Xperia, the updated UI with pinch-to-overview, and an integrated EQ in the music player.

Unfortunately, this update does not apply to the Xperia X10 mini, mini pro, or X8, as they just don't have enough RAM to efficiently run Gingerbread. If you're rocking a carrier-branded X10, then you're out of luck as well, as it's up to your carrier to supply the update (I'm looking at you, AT&T).

For more information on this update, check out the official Sony Product Blog.