When Huawei announced the new 7-inch MediaPad Honeycomb tablet this morning, chaos confusion ensued. The device runs Android 3.2, a new build of Honeycomb that nobody outside Google or Huawei seemed to have seen before. It didn't help that Huawei was quite secretive about what additions the new OS brought (other than support for 7-inch tablets and a new version number).

Well now, thanks to the folks at This is my next, we have a better idea of what's new, though it's important to keep in mind that this information is still very much a rumor, albeit one allegedly confirmed with three separate tipsters.

With that in mind, there don't appear to be many changes in 3.2. In fact, aside from the 7-inch tablet support, the most notable new feature is support for dual-core Qualcomm chips; apparently, Android 3.0/3.1 only supported the NVIDIA Tegra 2. There are also a few minor alterations, including a much-needed update to the Movie Studio app (the Movies and Music applications will also see an update, as will some widgets), as well as bug fixes and improved hardware acceleration.

In spite of what you might have assumed from Huawei's announcement, the update will be rolling out to 10.1" tablets like the XOOM as well as 7-inchers such as the HTC Flyer. Unfortunately, ETAs are anyone's guess at this point (though This is my next is hearing that the XOOM will get it within a few weeks) - especially if your tablet has a custom UI like HTC's Sense.

Source: This is my next