Ever since the beginning of June, we've been teased by and patiently waiting for the mysterious AlphaRevX unlocker page that promised to completely unlock (S-OFF) the latest HTC Wildfire and even Incredible S, making root, custom ROMs, ClockworkMod recovery all possible.


After a period of private beta testing, the wraps have come off an hour ago, and the first public release of AlphaRevX is now available for download (see instructions below) for the following devices:

  • HTC Incredible S (Vivo), which remained completely undefeated until now
  • HTC Desire CDMA (BravoC)
  • HTC Desire GSM (Bravo)
  • HTC Wildfire (Buzz)
  • HTC Aria (Liberty)

Incredible 2 and Desire S are not supported at the moment, though I suspect they use a similar protection scheme and will also be cracked shortly. Previous AlphaRev versions that worked on some devices earlier stopped working once HTC updated HBOOT on them, which is where AphaRevX comes in to save the day.


After doing some research, AlphaRevX seems to be a software HBOOT mod, which is completely reversible and provides a software S-OFF. As I mentioned above, it lets you root, flash custom recoveries, nandroid back up/restore, and flash custom ROMs - basically, anything your heart and soul desire. I'm not positive whether this gives you write access to /system from within the stock ROM, but in either scenario, a custom ROM would definitely allow that.

Full credit for inception and implementation of AlphaRevX goes to kmdm and ieftm from xda.


  1. Head over to http://alpharev.nl/x/beta/ and download the software, currently available for Linux and Windows. Note: This is definitely alpha/beta software, and even though there have been no bricks yet and 20+ successful flashes, anything is possible. Proceed at your own risk.
  2. Proceed to this thread after you are done for instructions on how to install su (root) and ClockworkMod recovery.
  3. Read up on AlphaRevX further here:

*** Public Open Beta has now started. ***

This is the public open beta. All devices included in this release have been pretested.
Please note that bugs could still be present, but if you're willing to accept the risks,
please download the applicable binary and generate a beta key through the below application form.
Please note that this beta-round could be withdrawn at any moment if safety concerns arise (e.g. bricks).
The beta key mechanism is there to protect users from bricking their devices if there are bugs present.


Download for Linux  •  Download for Windows

Brought to you by:

kmdm  •  IEF

Contact us:

irc.freenode.net / #alpharevx - use a IRC client to connect, or Freenode webchat.


unrevoked - for their awesome release platform

Bumble-Bee - blindly running commands on his DHD to assist with eMMC device support

If you've used AlphaRevX, report your success below, as we're eager to figure out just how robust and safe the new method is.

Source: @AlphaRevX