Now that continuous waves of attacks against Sony's servers have slowed down a bit (it's been over a week since the last hack), the company found some strength to regroup and released an Android client for its popular cloud music service Music Unlimited, powered by Qriocity.

$3.99/month for basic and $9.99/month for premium (30-day free trial available) buy you streaming of various catalogs of music from the web (à la Pandora) as well as syncing of your own library to Sony's cloud servers with subsequent playback from said cloud (à la Amazon Cloud Drive and Google Music).

Update: Sony's official post on the Music Unlimited launch.

Considering most of the above can be achieved without a monthly subscription, I am not sure how many of you will jump over to Music Unlimited, although if there's one thing it has going for it, it's the UI design. Gorgeous doesn't begin to describe it - it's probably one of the cleanest UIs I've ever seen on Android.

Have a look at the official description, the differences between basic and premium (link available if you're logged into Qriocity - I hope my newly created login will stay unhacked for at least a little while), followed by the screenshots below, then jump to the Market links by clicking or scanning our app widget.

Note #1: The installer currently weighs 32MB, without Apps2SD support whatsoever (it's copy protected using an antiquated technique), so it's not for the weak of heart at all.

Note #2: Music Unlimited is only compatible with Android phones running OS versions 2.1-2.3.3 - sorry, tablet and 2.3.4 owners.

Note #3: As far as availability around the world goes, according to Wikipedia, Music Unlimited "... was launched in December 2010 in United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland. It launched in the United States early in January 2011. It was launched in France, Italy, Germany, and Spain in late January, 2011. It launched in Australia and New Zealand in February 2011."

With the Basic plan, you can access personalized channels that adapt to your music tastes and your mood and enjoy the songs in your personal library that have been previously synched from your PC. The Premium plan offers all the features of the Basic Plan, plus full access to our entire catalogue and premium streaming channels.

Application Key Features
・Create your own personalized channels
・Full access to “Premium” channels with a Premium Plan
・Sync your songs on a PC and access from your phone
・Unlimited access to our entire catalogue with Premium Plan
・Easily discover artist history and affinity artists through our Related page
・Easily access your music using Android Home Widget Player

*Sync requires that music content exist in the service library. Copy protected content is not supported.


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The app was not found in the store. :-(