Rumors come and go everyday in the tech world, and some just don't make any sense. This one falls directly into that category, as the word on the street is that Motorola will not be releasing the Droid/Milestone 3 in the UK. There is no reason or justification as to why Moto may have made this decision, but (of course) there is speculation. UK tech blog Clove thinks that it could be because of the lackluster sales of the Milestone 2, or perhaps there just isn't much of a market for slide-out QWERTY devices, citing the demise of the HTC Desire Z in the UK as reasoning.

In related news, the Motorola Pro, a rebranded Droid Pro, is rumored to be hitting UK soil in mid-July, which almost contradicts the latter theory on why the Milestone 3 may never make an appearance. Either way, I would take it all with a grain of salt at the moment - we all know how fickle manufactures can be.

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