Gingerbread-using DROID X owners, your handsets are excluded from the elite ranks of Netflix-compatible devices no more; a recent update to the official Netflix application added support for your 2.3-running phones. Unfortunately, the DROID X is the only Gingerbread handset (with the exception of the Nexus phones) currently compatible with the movie rental service - my EVO 4G, which received its official 2.3 update a few weeks ago, still can't access the app. Additionally, those DROID X users still running Froyo are left out of the fun. Bummer.

Nevertheless, if you're rocking an updated DROID X and feel like adding a touch of Netflix to your Gingerbread-infused phone, you can grab the app via the widget below.

Developer: Netflix, Inc.
Price: Free+

via Droid Life