It looks like HTC is on top of its game when it comes to accessories for upcoming devices: the dock for the HTC EVO 3D showed up in coming-soon-status at last night, and now an ever-so-sexy dock for the Flyer has made an appearance there, as well.


It offers everything that you would expect from a dock: it keeps your device charged, makes turning your $500 piece of hardware into a $20 alarm clock a snap, and supports the MHL adapter via its rear port, so you can easily stream videos (or anything else you may want to stream) to your HDTV - all while looking good doing it. There is one potential downside though: it holds the Flyer in portrait mode. I'm not entirely sure why HTC would design it this way, as it just doesn't seem practical to me.

It will set you back a cool $50 - but don't expect to just waltz into any Best Buy and pick it up today, as it's currently in "backorder" status at

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