Google held a press conference today where several new search features were unveiled, including some pretty nice improvements to the Google Mobile site. Among these features is the addition of Google Places on the main Google page, with quick links to areas of common interest at the bottom. Tapping any of the icons uses geolocation to provide results specific to the area that you're in.

Also announced were improved search capabilities in the browser and the ability to add additional details to Instant results by tapping the plus sign next to the suggestion that you wish to alter.

Instant Preview will now be incorporated into mobile search as well - by tapping the magnifying glass next to any result, you can scroll through images of the suggested pages, much like hovering over a link on the desktop search.

snapshot (4)

The Google homepage for tablets will also be updated to provide quicker search results and a seamless layout for Google Images. This update will be incrementally rolled out to all users in the coming weeks.

All of these features are available immediately - head over to from your phone to check them out.

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