Please note that this offer ended on July 31, 2011. Please do not contact Sprint about getting an override on your upgrade anymore!

Last week we posted a poll asking Sprint customers which phone they were hoping to get next. A few commenters complained that they were victims of the Sprint Premier split, wherein people who were at the lower end of Premier previously were moved to Premier Silver, thereby losing their annual upgrades. We've heard quite a few people bitch complain about this since the split happened, but we're happy to report that Art from the Sprint Premier team stopped by to let us know that Premier Silver customers can actually get one more upgrade restored.

We contacted the suggested Sprint Premier team member directly via private message on the Premier forums as suggested, asking if the the comment was true and what was required:


It turns out Sprint Premier team members have been officially authorized to restore upgrades with no hassle involved. As Art stated in the aforementioned comment, simply send <redacted> a private message on the forums with your first and last name, date you would have been eligible for an upgrade, and your primary Sprint phone number. Once Jose processes your request, your upgrade will be restored within 24-48 hours. It's that easy.

Chances are he's already processing quite a few requests, and this post will likely add hundreds more to the pile, so try to be patient and give him time.

It's nice to see that Sprint has the decency (and intelligence) to make an effort to keep customers happy. That they offered annual upgrades at all (the only carrier to do so) was a beautiful gesture, and they certainly could have gotten away without allowing upgrades to be restored at all.