If you've been following the saga of attempts to get a custom recovery running on the LG Revolution, you might be aware things hadn't been going so well up until last night. Particularly because most attempts to load custom recoveries onto the Revo previously ended in bricked phones and nerdrage. Well, no more (sorry for the craptastic picture):


You'll have to take my word about that being an LG Revolution. It is. I pinky swear.

There's just one small, little problem left: getting out of recovery. The LG Revolution, while pretty much wide-open unlocked and ripe for customization (there's no signature checks or encryption at all), the way LG has coded its recovery has made it particularly difficult to load a custom recovery image without bricking or erasing the phone every time it's booted. Fun times.

The developer working on the port, thecubed, has yet to work out a way to get out of the recovery image, but is apparently confident that hurdle can be overcome. You can get all the dev-tastic details here.

via Twitter, RootzWiki