Ladies and gentlemen, it appears that cvpcs has achieved the impossible: he's thrown together (but not yet publicized) a build of CyanogenMod 7 that works on the Motorola DROID X!

Naturally, since no one but cvpcs has the firmware yet, there are still a few kinks that need to be ironed out before the ROM goes public - for example, GPS, 3G, Bluetooth, and the camera/camcorder have not been proven to work just yet, and audio (including phone calls, speakers, the microphone, etc.) definitely isn't functional at the moment. However, as our own Justin Case put it, "If it boots, it can be fixed."

Update: cvpcs just tweeted that, with some help from Stephen Bird, he was able to fix the audio issue.

Bugs aside, this is no small feat - the X's bootloader has yet to be unlocked (yes, that was a hoax), which thus far has resulted in a slew of ROMs based on MOTOBLUR. CyanogenMod, however, has its roots deep in the well of stock Android, making a version for the DROID X (or, for that matter, any modern Motorola handset) seemingly infeasible. So how on Earth did cvpcs do it? On RootzWiki, he wrote:

This was done using my recently new-found-knowledge of 2nd-init, which I will describe later in a blog post (don't want to get into it here). This still runs on top of the original Motorola kernel though. I repeat, the bootloader is still locked, and you are still forced into using Moto's kernels, but that doesn't really prevent us from doing all that much. :D

Additionally, he recently tweeted that:

You have to use the Froyo kernel to boot it (2.3.34 sbf), but the firmware is Gingerbread :)

Though cvpcs is currently the exclusive owner of this firmware, he says he'll be looking for beta testers later in the week - definitely exciting news for tech-savvy DROID X users. He also promises to share more information later tonight, and we'll be sure to update this post accordingly as soon as that happens.

Sources: RootzWiki, cvpcs (Twitter)