The guys over at Samfirmware have gotten their hands on an official build of Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread for the European variant of the Samsung Galaxy S GT-i9000. The build date on this is June 3rd, so it's relatively new - but there's no word on whether this is a finalized build or not.

This firmware is for the European Samsung Galaxy S GT-i9000 ONLY. If you attempt to flash this on any other device, the result will most likely be irreparable. This is not compatible with the any of the US Galaxy S devices.

First off - this is not a flashable .zip file and it must be flashed via Odin. The process doesn't seem to be all that complicated (though I haven't tried it myself); here is a video made by XDA member itskapil showing exactly how it's done. He actually flashes an older build in this video, but the process is still the same.

Got it? Okay - here is the download link, as well as a text based flashing tutorial over at XDA. Good luck!

[SamFirmware, XDA 1,2]

Thanks, krulgrizzla929!