From Chingy and TeamAndIRC comes Maintenance Release 2 for the HTC Thunderbolt. The OTA update should be hitting stock phones on June 15th, but we're giving it to you early.

The major improvements brought about by MR2:

  • Fixes random reboots
  • Improves GPS locking
  • Improves signal strength
  • Add 3G/LTE toggle in settings
  • And more... (we don't have an official changelog yet, unfortunately)

tbota1 tbota2

Un-rooted Stock MR2 Update

First up, the full, signed RUU. (This is NOT the same as a simple OTA - it is a full "image" of a phone running the new MR2 update) This is for you developers or stock users who wish to get the update early. Be warned, however, as this will wipe data if installed. Also, installing this over a rooted phone WILL brick it.



  1. Download the file below, and re-name it to (without quotes) ""
  2. Place on the root directory of your SD card
  3. Turn off your Thunderbolt
  4. Holding Volume Down and then Power simultaneously, wait until the phone boots into the bootloader - it should begin flashing the update immediately.
  5. Wait, up to several minutes, for your device to reboot.

 Download Stock MR2 RUU: - 1239f430324f4fb3249ba3dfd3704ad7 - DO NOT INSTALL ON A ROOTED PHONE

Rooted Custom ROMs Running MR2 Update

For rooted users (want to root and unlock your Thunderbolt to use these ROMs? Check out our official Thunderbolt root and unlock guide), the custom ROMs (make sure you download and flash the new Radio version for any of these - download in the Flyweight or PlainJane links):

The Perfect Storm v1.5 by Chingy51o - download and support available at

This is the first and most developed ROM based on this update, including power widgets in the notification pull-down, custom theming, and much, much more. Note: the mirror link is tricky, hit "Skip Ad" in the upper right-hand corner.

Flyweight by b16 and birdman, courtesy of Rootzwiki - download and support available at

Description: This ROM is specifically de-bloated for the lightweight ROM user. It is fast, stable, and well tested. Enjoy and feel free to use this as a base for other ROMs.

PlainJane v3 by TeamAndIRC, courtesy of Rootzwiki - download and support available at

An almost untouched ROM, for those that want a stock experience but need root. Root and BusyBox are included, along with all the standard Verizon bloat. Again, feel free to use this as a base for other ROMs.