While snooping around the Market this afternoon, I ran into Adobe's newly released product called simply Adobe® Content Viewer. With almost no description and usage instructions, I spent about an hour familiarizing myself with Adobe's Digital Publishing Suite which apparently creates content this Content Viewer is supposed to consume (read: display).

So, what does it mean in layman's terms? Content creators, such as magazine and newspaper publishers, use the Digital Publishing Suite to create distributable versions of their products, and the cross-platform (iOS, Android, Blackberry, etc) Content Viewer lets users sign into their Adobe accounts and view digital subscriptions on their mobile platforms of choice.

View digital publications created using the Adobe® Digital Publishing Suite.

View interactive, richly designed digital publications created using the Adobe® Digital Publishing Suite. After designing publication layouts using Adobe® InDesign® and publishing them, users can share and download content from the Distribution Service of the Digital Publishing Suite using the Adobe® Content Viewer for Android.

The Content Viewer for Android is compatible with both phones and Honeycomb tablets, and the whole experience looks something like this (after signing in with a free Adobe account):

image image

There is only one problem. No matter how hard I tried to find ways of adding subscriptions to my account, I could not for the life of me figure out how and where I could do it. Upon signing in, there is absolutely no UI (seriously, Adobe? This is more than a little frustrating) to do anything at all, except refresh an already blank screen.


While I appreciate Adobe's efforts to spearhead magazine consumption and serve as a hub on pretty much all of the largest mobile platforms, I don't understand how they could release a product this confusing to the Market and expect people to "just figure it out."

If anyone knows how to get some content (any at all) to show up in this app, the hungry comment box below will eat up your words and ask for dessert. If anybody from Adobe is reading, I've got a bone to pick with you.

The app was not found in the store. :-(