About 2 weeks ago, Android Police in collaboration with O'Reilly Media announced a series of developer centric book giveaways. The prize of round 1 was the excellent Learning Android, to be given out to one lucky reader, as selected by the joint AP/O'Reilly panel.

After looking over 300+ entries, we could not agree on the single best answer, so instead of giving out 1 book, we're going to give out 3!

Here are the winners and their comments:

Robert Dunn

Starting in fall I am going to start college in a computer science major. My goal is mobile development. I would like learn Android development now to help me in the future, and I will have to learn it in the near future anyway. If I learn android development now, I could possibly create a few apps to bring in a little income. Android is my passion. I want to give back.

Noah Bimrose

I am a high school freshman and have recently gotten interested in programing for android in the past few months. I have played around with Google App Inventor but I would love to learn to actually write and build custom applications on my own. That is why I think this book would be most beneficial to me.

Sam Rahman

I think this would be a valuable tool for me because I have a tremendous amount of interest in coding on the android platform. My goal is to eventually start a small app dev team in my home country Bangladesh. Smart phone penetration is at a relatively low level there although mobile usage has been increasing dramatically over the last few years. I would like to use any knowledge I gain from this book as well as other reading material to first start building locally targeted apps for my country with the eventual goal of establishing android development at a grassroots level over there.

Congratulations, guys - all of you will be contacted by O'Reilly for your information and shipped a brand new copy of Learning Android.

Everyone else - keep participating to win more great Android development books! In fact, round 2 is already up.