You saw some of the leaked Bionic pictures earlier today, but now thanks to PhoneHK we can give you even more information about the upcoming monster of a Motorola handset. First and foremost, this thing will (at least according to this test unit) be running Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread right out of the gate:


That's a relief. If the Bionic had shipped with Froyo, Motorola might have had a user rebellion on its hands. What other goodies were revealed by the generous leaker about the Bionic?

  • 4.5" qHD display
  • 8MP rear camera, 1080p video recording, plus front-facing camera
  • WebTop dock accessory
  • Brand-new BLUR
  • 1750mAh battery (that's large)

You can see some of the new BLUR in action below in various screenshots, including a translucent notification bar and 3D homescreen previews:

246986_1998800803190_1038615681_2250845_261552_n 248939_1998800203175_1038615681_2250841_3077936_n 252937_1998800923193_1038615681_2250846_3162641_n

253930_1998800523183_1038615681_2250843_2485227_n 249773_1998801083197_1038615681_2250847_2192924_n

Not bad, Motorola, not bad. I really like the direction Motorola's BLUR is going in terms of look and feel, it's a lot more polished than the austere and industrial look of BLUR on previous handsets, including the DROID X2. But a 4.5" screen? That's getting into Infuse territory, and that's a whole lot o' screen to stomach. But 4G LTE and dual cores with Gingerbread? This thing could be hard to resist. Watch out, Galaxy S II.

PhoneHK via Droid-life