Not much was known for a fact about the next crown jewel in the Droid line of Android phones that played a such a crucial part in the growth of the OS in the past 2 years. We had a suspicion that it would have a 4" screen, lose "the lip," and gain a dual-core CPU and a front-facing camera, all while bearing the name Droid 3, but no concrete proof of any of those.

A series of Droid 3 training videos surfaced today, well ahead of the device's release, which is rumored to be sometime this summer. The videos clearly show and confirm a larger form factor with curvier lines (4" sounds about right now), an 8MP HD camera that is capable of 1080P video recording, an updated version of MOTOBLUR (just look at that lock screen), a 5-row keyboard with a dedicated number row, and an HDMI output. Unfortunately, there is no mention of the processor or memory, and "the lip" that appears below the menu buttons is still present (that myth seems busted now).

Not a bad set of details for a Sunday morning, don't you think? You can find some snapshots from the videos as well as all 3 of them embedded below.

image image image

image image image

Update: YouTube links were deleted, but I managed to find replacements.

Source: ThisIsMyNext