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Two weeks ago, an Android Central tipster noticed that Google had officially stated that they wouldn't allow rooted devices to use Android Movies.

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AC's Jerry Hildenbrand makes some very valid points about why that just doesn't quite seem right, if a bit (understandably) bitterly. As an Android lover and power user, I'm more than inclined to agree. But at the same time, we're effectively blaming the messenger; Google has little control over the situation. The entertainment industry as a whole is notoriously sluggish and behind the times, long resisting the move to the web and encumbering digital music and movies with unreasonable restrictions. It's no doubt that they played the same game with Google, effectively leaving the search behemoth with the choice of all or nothing - either they restricted the service to non-rooted devices or they didn't get anything at all.

Keeping that in mind, what are your thoughts? Are you worried that they'll keep clamping down? Or do you acknowledge that Google itself is on our side, and think further anti-root behavior is unlikely? Has this turned you away from Android, or at least made you reconsider your love? Sound off below, and as always, you're encouraged to elaborate via the comments.

For more details on Google Movies, check out our primer on the service.

Google Doesn't Allow Rooted Devices To Use Android Movies - What Are Your Thoughts?

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[Source: Market Support via Android Central]