Looking for a rooted version of this update? Have no fear - head over to our other post.

Update 2: Here's a direct download link from our own (fast) mirror for the EVO 4G Official Gingerbread OTA.

HTC EVO 4G Official Gingerbread OTA: Download here

To flash it, follow these instructions:

  1. Download the OTA
  2. Rename the file "update.zip" (the actual file suffix needs to be .zip, make sure .zip isn't just in the name [eg, not update.zip.zip])
  3. Place the file on the root of your SD card (the main directory you see when you mount your EVO as a disk drive)
  4. Reboot into recovery (power off, then hold volume down when you hit then power button to power back on)
  5. Select recovery from the menu with the power button, then, when the sign with the exclamation point appears, press Power+Volume Up at the same time, and wait (up to 30 seconds).
  6. Now, select bootloader with the power button, then scroll down to Recovery and select it with the power button.
  7. Finally, select "Apply sdcard:update.zip", wait for it do its thing, then select reboot. The fresh reboot may take a while and several restarts to apply - so be patient.

Update: If you're unable to retrieve the 2.3 update, try connecting to a Wi-Fi network and then checking. Alternatively, connect to Wi-Fi, disconnect, and check again. This likely has to do with updating your PRL (preferred roaming list). Also, check out the known bugs so far - if you're planning on watching some Netflix, you may want to read this:

Known Bugs/Issues in the OTA (all of these have been reported multiple times):
  • No blinking notification LED (as in, it's broken)
  • Phone constantly says you have a voicemail message
    • Possible fix: go into Settings -> Call Settings -> Clear Voicemail Notifications, let us know if that does it for you.
  • Netflix streaming no longer works
  • ShootMe won't work on your non-rooted EVO anymore (it shouldn't have in the first place)

As promised, the Android 2.3 OTA update for the HTC EVO 4G is available this morning if you go into your EVO's Settings -> About Phone -> System Updates -> HTC Software Updates menu and check manually. You should see the following:


Thanks for the picture, Ashish!

What does the update include? Take a look below:

  • Android 2.3.3 (Gingerbread)
  • fixes for the infamous SMS bug
  • fix for multiple Gmail account syncing
  • fix for a battery that refuses to charge anymore when discharged beyond the low battery threshold
  • A hilarious to all non-Spanish-speaking users fix to the SMS app that reads "Me instead of Yo in SMS thread conversations when set to Spanish" ("Yo" means "I" in Spanish)

Android 2.3 is obviously the biggie - the amount of under-the-hood changes Google implemented in Gingerbread after Froyo is mind-boggling. EVO 4G users on Froyo ROMs should see their phones get a substantial performance boost because of it. Unfortunately, the update does not include any major changes to Sense, so your EVO will look largely the same - it'll just feel like someone jammed a supercharger in it.

Let us know if you're able to pull the OTA (and more importantly, if you're having any problems with it) in the comments below.

Thanks Ashish and Clark, XDA for OTA update file