Out of all the things that we use smartphones for these days, calls come in pretty close to last. We're too busy texting, taking pictures, surfing the web, getting directions... you get the idea. What if we could incorporate all of these things into our phone calls though? That's exactly what Thrutu aims to do, and the newest update to the app makes most of that possible. Here's a video to get a better idea:

Every feature isn't highlighted in the video, though - it can actually do even more than that. Here's a breakdown of each option, directly from the Market listing:

  • Location: callers can see each other’s position on a map, updating live as they move.
  • Camera: snap and share a photo during a call
  • Doodle: instantly share sketches - or annotate maps and photos - during a call.
  • Gallery: select and share a photo from those already stored on the phone.
  • Contacts: share contact details that will appear instantly in the other caller’s address book.
  • Prod: for the first time, you can convey touch in a phone call! Playfully poke the other person by causing their phone to vibrate during the call.

It's also possible to install buttons developed by the community, using Thrutu's APIs. Here's a few:

  • PayPal: send money, instantly and securely, to the person you're talking to
  • Meet Me: quickly find the best place to meet in person
  • Shared Search: search and browse the web together
  • Coin Flip: make decisions or settle arguments with the flip of a coin

Another really cool feature of Thrutu is Google Voice integration. If you don't want to use it with your primary mobile number, or you use Google Voice exclusively, then (once activated) Thrutu will seamlessly integration with Voice.

Unfortunately, Thrutu is near-useless on 3G CDMA phones (unless you're on Wi-Fi) due to the lack of simultaneous data and voice. Still yet - it's a really cool concept, and could prove to be quite valuable (if you can get everyone you know to use it, of course).

You can grab Thrutu for free in the Android Market.

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