If there's one thing that annoys us all, it's trying to use a device outside in the sunlight - on some devices it's almost impossible to see the contents of the screen without contorting into all sorts of odd positions to create just the right combination of shade and viewing angle.

However, display maker Pixel Qi is looking to change the game with its newly-announced duo of screens: a 7 inch 1024x600 and 10.1 inch 1280x800, both of which are low power and highly readable in outdoor light. Have a looksee at this video of CEO Mary Lou Jespen putting the 10.1 incher head-to-head against the iPad:

Not only are these new displays low power and easily readable, but they're also super thin, with the 10.1 inch coming in at a super slim 3mm, while the 7 inch could get as thin as 2mm. Both models are set to be put into mass production late this summer, so we may start seeing these pop up in devices as early as the holiday season.