One of the biggest hesitations that a lot of users have about switching to a modern-day, touch-only smartphone is the lack of physical keys. Over time, the feeling of a button moving beneath our finger is something that we've all gotten used to - everything from our TV remotes to our computers have physical keys, so naturally the switch to a touch only device can be a difficult transition. Thanks to Japanese company KDDI, that all may be changing, though.

KDDI has been working on a slick new technology that combines the elegance of a touchscreen with the sensation of using physical buttons. Sounds weird (and awesome), right? Here's a video of this technology in action (some if it is in Japanese, so be ready for the subtitles):

This new technology is made possible by combining a pressure sensitive touchscreen with haptic vibrations, which results in the sensation that you've actually moved something. One really nice thing about this is that this advancement doesn't add any addition bulk to the device - the touchscreen can be created in the same size and thickness of current devices.

There's no word as of yet on when we may start seeing this new technology hit devices.

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