The founder of Notion Ink has updated the corporate blog with a number of changes that are coming to the company's Adam. For those of you interested in the Tegra-2 powered 10.1-inch tablet, the company is also opening up sales again, albeit by invite only.


We've covered Notion Ink's tablet progress through a number of controversies surrounding shipping and build quality, but it looks like the tablet will be finally getting an update to Honeycomb by the end of June if all goes according to plan.

Other updates include an new version of the Adam-specific market (even though you can unlock normal market access yourself), a kernel update, advanced customer support and hints at @Home support in the future.

The blog post (linked below) also goes a bit into the hardware side of things, but we've included the basic gist of the update details below.

We are pushing the Eden 1.5 update on Monday, so click that update buttons on your Adams! It comes with more than 150 changes as compared to Eden 1.0 (you can check out the documentation on Conclave on Monday).

  • We are pushing one more update on Wednesday, specially for those who want to test rich features of 2.3 Gingerbread!
  • We discussed about Kindle and Dolphin Browser coming bundled on Adam, well, there are more apps coming in (some in this update like Chords (with Panel), To-Do (Panel) and some around next week)! Some for the 2.2-2.3 clients, and more for Honeycomb!
  • The kernel update is on its way. The reason this update took little longer than expected end of third week was to dis-associate it from the kernel up-gradation which is required for Honeycomb. Right now you can see the images on Tabletroms working pretty well, but there are lots of errors and broken pieces.
  • Last 6 weeks we were integrating all support pieces to an advanced online system, which you will soon see go live on This system is used by right from FedEx to Samsung, and we are expecting it will cut the time to response further down, get you one system to track all your issues, get live support and get to scan through a large documentation of past issues.
  • @Home (from Google) announcement is a very good news for Adam users. We have a team here working on automation systems, and after their study we will release few DIY system using which you can do interesting things!
  • Adam is going live again! We are going to open sales coming Monday (evening to be precise)! Those who have subscribed at will receive an email invitation.
  • Good News for Indian customers. Now they will receive products with all duties pre-paid.
  • We have moved all our resources from current Eden 1.5 and Gingerbread to Honeycomb, and near the end of next month, you all should have Honeycomb on your devices!

Source: Notion Ink