Well, well, well, what do we have here? Why, it's the Android 3.1 update for the ASUS Transformer that we were all expecting early next week. The 220MB package conveniently showed up on the web earlier this morning, bringing joy to Transformer owners who are reporting successful updates without any issues.

The Android 3.1 update to Honeycomb brings performance fixes, an enhanced app switcher, resizable widgets, and alleged improvements to the keyboard dock.

Grab the download file from our mirror here (I've already untarred the original .tar file so you don't have to) and then proceed to the slightly tweaked instructions below:

Note: You will likely lose root if you're already rooted, as this is a stock update.

And, of course, we do not take responsibility for anything that may happen to your device. Proceed at your own risk.

  1. Place EP101_SDUPDATE.zip that you just downloaded on your SD card
  2. Make sure the Transformer is plugged in or has at least a 50% battery charge.
  3. Power off
  4. Press the volume down key and power key at the same time and continue to depress both until you notice a ROM Boot screen that advises you to press the volume up key within 5 seconds to start the ROM update process.
  5. Press the volume up key and the unit will update and reboot. It should take about 3~5 minutes
  6. After a reboot, a user notification should arrive in five minutes or so that the docking station has a firmware update available to version 0209. Please follow the instructions and update the docking station and then complete another reboot. The 0209 firmware offers improved typing speeds, mouse tracking and USB compatibility.

If you decide to flash the update, do let us know how it's worked out for you or if instructions need any more tweaking.

Rooted users may want to check out this xda thread where a pre-rooted update was posted.