Remember the stunning MyWater live wallpaper that was ripped out of the Transformer a month ago, complete with ice cubes floating in water that shifts around when you tilt your tablet? Here it is:


I actually had no idea but apparently the water level changes depending on the battery charge level. Very cool!

This was the only live wallpaper I've ever considered running on my XOOM - it's original, well done, and constantly draws intrigued stares from the people around. It was the only one until today that is, when I saw Ruvort's custom mods to it over at 10 flavors exist right now, and Ruvort is working on at least 6 more. Let's have a look, shall we?

First and foremost, let's get this over with - behold the ultimate beer drinkers' live wallpaper so full of win that I am scrambling to find words to describe it:


The other 9 wallpapers offer customizations of the water color and the object floating in it - we have a rubber ducky, a submarine, a cherry, and a message in a bottle. Here are some of them:

image image image image

Needless to say, I think you've already guessed which wallpaper both the XOOM and the Tab 10.1 are going to be sporting from now on.

Hit up the download links in the forum post and don't forget to thank Ruvort for his great working and creativity.

Source: XOOM Forums