Update: Verizon has reneged on their previous tweet - unlocked HTC devices will be able to be activated on Verizon's network. Huzzah.


HTC may have switched to the good side, but that doesn't mean the Legion of Doom is finished. Far from it, in fact, as Verizon has taken the wrong a stance on the issue of locked bootloaders.

2011-05-27 12h52_26

Admittedly, this may be a huge misunderstanding; perhaps the Verizon rep hasn't heard the big news about HTC yet, or the carrier simply hasn't had time to properly respond.

But if it is accurate... well, HTC and Verizon have a highly successful partnership with each other - so where does this leave things? Tough to say at this point. Will one party budge? It's going to be difficult for HTC to move back on its word now, especially with the huge outpouring of support in the wake of their recent decision. Or will they come to some sort of middle ground? At this point, only time will tell.

[Source: @VZWSupport]